Often times car accidents occur when drivers lack common sense or rely too much on modern car equipment and road signs. Here are 5 easy tips for safe driving.

Blind spots

blindspot-mirrorA car mirror blind spot is an area each side of your car that cannot be seen in either the internal rear-view mirror or both side mirrors.

Because blind spots often lead to car accidents, some advanced cars use radar or camera systems to detect vehicles in blind spots, and alert the driver of possible collision with high-pitched beeps or with a light that illuminates on the side mirror if an object is in your blind spot.

If your vehicle doesn’t offer blind spot detection and you’re looking for a way to conveniently see what’s in your blind spot while driving we recommend getting a pair of Blind spot mirrors, which are a very affordable, cost-efficient way to improve driver safety by allowing you to see what’s in your blind spot without turning your head.

Turn on the headlights

Headlights improve cars’ visibility, especially in bad weather, when you will be able to see other cars from afar (and they will see you), thereby reducing the chance of a collision.

Pay more attention to the vehicles on the road

Experts believe that too many road signs and signals can lead drivers to blindly follow instructions, while neglecting to watch out for people who do not follow traffic rules.

In 2021 a small Netherlands town conducted an experiment where traffic lights and street signs were removed. This deregulation surprisingly led to an increase in safety as a sense of responsibility and danger made people pay more attention to other participants in traffic.


Do not brake immediately when the tire blows out

Our moto is: Prevent punctures before they happen. Avoid accidents & Stay Safe!

But in case your car hasn’t been installed with Puncturesafe tyre sealant yet, you could still be at risk of punctured tyres, and at high speed, a tyre blowout is not fun at all, so knowing how to react could save your life (and the lives of others).

If you immediately apply the hydraulic brakes when the tire punctured, it will most likely make the car spin and possibly hit other vehicles on the road, but unfortunately breaking abruptly is a natural reaction.

The proper way to react to punctured tyre is to increase the speed for a short time (about 1 second) to make the wheels rub more closely with the road, and then gradually step on the brakes to stop the car.

Use the parking brake correctly

The parking brake is also called emergency brake or hand brake. It is composed of several steel cables. If it is not used for a long time these cables tend to rust and corrode, so it must be checked often and used frequently. In case the hydraulic brake system fails, emergency brake can be used instead, to stop the vehicle and avoid car accident, but most often it is used to park the vehicle on flat ground or a slope.

Mind the music

In addition to above mentioned 5 tips to safe driving, here is a bonus tip. It has been proven that music in the car can also affect the driver’s mood. Some people think that safe driving is all about focusing on the road without constantly fiddling with the knobs of the audio system, but experts in Israel have done a study and found that drivers listening to fast-paced music (120 to 140 beats per minute) are twice as likely to overlook red lights and cause accidents, than drivers who were listening to slow-paced music.

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