“PunctureSafe product lived up to all our expectations”

We tested PunctureSafe products extensively at various Royal Mail depots around the UK, over many months and in different types of vehicles.

We were delighted with the result of these trials and in particular the performance and service levels of PunctureSafe. Our puncture rate has reduced dramatically since we begun using it, and downtime caused by punctures has been reduced significantly.


Supply Chain Buyer, The Royal Mail

“… we never changed one tyre, or suffered any loss of pressure.”

We recently completed our second World Cup Rally in an old Citroen 2CV this time from Oxford to Athens. We routed across to Austria for hill climbs, Slovenia Croatia and Bosnia for some terrific off road racing on forest tracks. We then entered Albania, which has the roughest tarmac we have ever seen and then through mountain trails and sections of the Acropolis rally route in Greece. We then drove home through Italy and the French Alps to England. A round trip of some 8000 kilometres of which 5000 was under rally conditions.

During this time we started with new Firestone 4 ply tyres (tubed) with the PunctureSafe treatment and never changed one tyre, or suffered any loss of pressure.

During last years event we changed 3 tyres and none of them were suitable for future use. This year we have 4 tyres, which can still be used!

We think we were the only car on the Rally that didn’t have to change any tyres!


We look forward to using PunctureSafe next year, as it seems to remove another hassle when you are competing against the clock in outlandish places. Well done.

Simon Chance

Director, Frome 2CV Centre Ltd

“PunctureSafe is peace of mind”

Sussex Cars Ltd have been selling and servicing Smart cars for over a decade, supplying nearly 3000 cars during the last 12 years, and carrying out 12,500 services over the same period. We offer PunctureSafe to all our customers when they purchase a car and 86% of them will have the product before they collect their new purchase. Almost everyone of them will have PunctureSafe when they replace the car. Talking with the customers the reason they like PunctureSafe is peace of mind that they get, knowing that the vast majority of punctures are not going to be a problem. I cannot recommend the product enough.

Andrew Shipp

Director, Sussex Cars Ltd.

“… no punctures even after hundreds of hours of use”

Just a short message to say how pleased we are that we have used your Extra Heavy Duty PunctureSafe. We have used other products in the past but they have proved unsuitable for the conditions we have on site, especially on the area’s which are used for composting where the road surface can be excessively wet and aggressive. We had the Extra Heavy Duty Grade installed for the last year in our JCB Fastrak Trak and 18 ton Bailey Trailer.

The tractor and trailer are used on site to move around processed wood waste, before the inclusion of PunctureSafe we were experiencing many punctures due to loose nails from the wood processing. This cost many hours of down-time and many £££s spent in puncture repairs. Since the installation of PunctureSafe we have had NO punctures and NO down-time.

We have also used the product in our JCB Telescopic Loader and again no punctures even after hundreds of hours of use over the past twelve months.

For delivering our Organic Compost to customers we use a 3.5 ton tipper vehicle, driving up farm tracks and industrial estate roads etc which was causing us to suffer many punctures. We have installed the PunctureSafe Heavy Duty Grade in the tippers tyres and now have NO punctures.


Based on our experience I can thoroughly recommend the Extra Heavy Duty Grades for larger site based machines which are prone to punctures, and the High Speed Heavy Duty Grade for road going vehicles

Steve Clarke

Managing Director, ClarkeSon Recycling Ltd

“PunctureSafe appears to be the complete answer”

We have used PunctureSafe for almost 3 years, and have had excellent results from the product, and professional support in every way

PunctureSafe appears to be the complete answer. It certainly seals well – I have personally attacked a motorcycle tyre with a spike until my arm grew tired, at the end of which pressure loss was negligible. After two weeks of such treatment by the public during a motorcycle show, the tyre had more puncture marks than tread, but still maintained it’s pressure. PunctureSafe is claimed to be capable of repairing punctures made by objects up to 6 mm in diameter for the life of the tyre, and in the event of a larger area of damage it will provide protection from rapid deflation. It is water soluble in it’s uncured state, and I have seen it being easily washed out of a tyre casing to enable the fitting of a vulcanised plug. Other properties include the ability to virtually eliminate pressure loss, even during long-term storage, and also to extend tyre life due to improved heat transfer from the tread area to the wheel rim. Many motorcycle riders find this increase to be in the order of 50%.

Although formulated for use in tubeless tyres, Puncturesafe can also be used with inner tubes, as Cynthia Milton and John Adams demonstrated during their recent trip to Pakistan. John’s RI00GS rear tyre was badly damaged by a two-inch long bolt, but retained pressure well enough to be fitted with a new inner tube later. Cynthia was unaware of any problems, but when replacing her R80GS rear tyre after returning home she found the marks of 12 punctures which had been sealed without her even being aware of them! To cover 20,000 miles on one set of tyres through some of the worst roads in the Middle East and Asia without having to even remove the wheels is sufficient testimony for PunctureSafe. I have used it in my car tyres for almost 20,000 miles, and can also confirm its claims.

When one adds up the cost of a simple puncture it can be a major problem. Assuming that one manages to stop without injury or damage, there is the nightmare of recovery…

A simple puncture could cost you a full day, and from two to several hundred pounds – can you afford not to use Puncturesafe?

Mike Fishwick

Technical Officer, BMW Club

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